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International Arts & Culture

The International Arts & Culture cohort is designed to create a stimulating community of women who wish to incorporate an intensive study of the humanities and active involvement in creative/studio arts into their Freshman experience.


This cohort draws students interested in the visual arts, performing arts, art history and majors independent of art. Students in this cohort are immersed in the artistic culture in, and around, Washington DC. They attend performances, watch private screenings and meet with innovative women artists to learn more about their lives and bodies of work. The courses in this cohort include Women and the Creative Process, WLP 20, a performing or studio art course and UW20. These courses apply to general curriculum requirements in the Columbian College of Arts and Science and will fulfill electives in all other schools.

Academic Program

This year-long program provides a challenging and diverse academic program that builds a strong foundation in communication, analysis, and process. Students enroll in two academic courses each semester, in addition to the year-long symposium.

Fall Semester

Course Area Credits
Women and the Creative Process Humanities 3

TDRA 195

How can an ‘abstract’ and subjective discipline like art be experienced, discussed, and written about within a scholarly setting? This humanities course, taught by the Program Coordinator, consists of readings and discussions about aesthetics, creativity, and cultural values, and is framed by an exploration of how works of art are conceptualized, developed, discussed, and evaluated and how women in arts participate in this exploration.

Course material includes primary sources such as film, fiction and biography, studio footage, and visual works of art. Secondary materials include theoretical texts, journal articles, and criticism. This student-oriented exploration is discussion based, and students apply the concepts and experiences acquired in class and symposium by maintaining a weekly journal and writing criticisms. The course is geared towards providing a solid academic foundation that culminates in the completion of a research/analytical paper that develops an original thesis.

WLP Humanities Seminar Humanities 3

WLP 20

This course fulfils one Humanities requirement.

A writing-intensive seminar that emphasizes critical reading skills, concepts of disciplinarity, and processes of producing and legitimating knowledge for women in humanities. Each cohort includes a WLP 020 course, and texts and emphasis vary according to cohort. The course is taught by a member of the WLP University Writing faculty.

Symposium   1

WLP 110.M1

This course does not fulfill an academic requirement, but counts towards the students’ overall earned credit-hours

Symposium, which takes place once a week, is designed to supplement the academic component of the program with a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities, many of which are exclusive to members of WLP. Symposia fall into two main categories: women’s leadership and discipline-specific exploration.

Each semester includes several shared symposia that include leadership-building workshops, cultural events of cross-disciplinary interest, and guest speakers. These shared events are designed to introduce students to successful women in a variety of fields, incite thought concerning a specific aspect of community and leadership, provide networking opportunities, and encourage each student to reflect upon her current and future contributions as woman leader.

The second genre of symposia are cohort-specific, geared towards each group’s particular discipline. The IA&C cohort explores the rich variety of D.C.’s cultural and artistic resources and institutions. A sampling of past destinations and events includes:

  • Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: “Sleeping Beauty” performed by the American Ballet Theatre
  • Wooly Mammoth Theatre: “No Child” performed by Nilaja Sun
  • Politics & Prose bookstore: talk by author of Persepolis Marjane Satrapi
  • National Gallery of Art: curator talk
  • Corcoran Gallery: Annie Liebowitz retrospective
  • National Museum of Women in the Arts: WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution exibit
  • Linser Auditorium: Annual Flamenco Festival
  • Busboys & Poets: Poets of the Caribbean festival
  • Visitors/Guest lecturers: talk by Acadamy-award winning director Gerardine Wurzburg
  • WLP-hosted events: panel of women ambassadors

Spring Semester

Course Area Credits
University Writing Literacy 4

UW 20

This course fulfils one Literacy requirement

The University Writing Program provides comprehensive writing and research instruction, and is required for all undergraduate students. WLP offers a choice of four topics taught by the program’s University Writing faculty. This course is not cohort-specific – students may select any of the four courses offered.

Studio Art Class Creative and Performing Arts varies

This course fulfils one Creative and Performing Arts requirement

An important component of IA&C’s exploration of the creative process across the art forms is an active engagement in the medium of the student’s choice. Students select from the university’s wide range of visual art, dance, theatre, vocal, and instrumental courses offered in the spring semester.

Symposium   1

Year– long enrollment. 1 credit hour per semester.