Scholarships and Awards


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Women’s Leadership Program students are eligible to apply for many scholarships and prizes, both from within the George Washington University and from outside sources. We do not provide a comprehensive list, but do show the variety of scholarships, funds, and prizes that have been awarded to WLP alumnae in the past.

Also, the Elizabeth J Somers Women’s Leadership Program receives support from a number of Mount Vernon alumnae donors and GW graduates. We are grateful for this support as it recognizes student achievement, community accomplishments, and leadership practices. Students are recommended for these internal funds, based on their work in the program and in the community.

Nedenia Dye Scholarship Fund

This is an annual scholarship that was established in 2014 by the Merriweather Post Foundation. It is awarded to a deserving student enrolled in the Elizabeth J. Somers Women’s Leadership Program.

Kimberly and J. Robert Humphries Fund

The Kimberly & J. Robert Humphries Internship/Leadership Award is named for Kimberly Humphries, an alumna of the Mount Vernon College. The Award provides support for former Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) students to engage in internship work, attend a conference, or participate in a WLP study abroad program. It aims to support WLP students as they pursue professional endeavors.

Kimberly and J Robert Humphries Fund

Humphries Scholars 2015-16:

Julia Barrett, Quinn Gagos, Valerie Jaimes, and Elizabeth Ann McBride traveled with WLP faculty Mary Buckley to Paris for the study abroad course - Paris: Modernism and the Arts, Then and Now

"This course gave me more than I could have possibly imagined! I am so grateful for having taken Paris: Modernism and the Arts, Then and Now. Nothing can compare to summer in the heart of Paris with the most inspiringly intelligent group of students and professors. I will hold the knowledge gained and memories made from this course and this trip very near to my heart for years to come.” —Julia Barrett

“A professor can talk about significance in a classroom and a student can commit it to memory, but that won’t last forever. The emotional reaction that occurs when you are face-to-face with history is something that can’t be forgotten.” –Quinn Gagos


Kimberly and J Robert Humphries Fund

The Kimberly & Rob Humphries Internship/Leadership Award is named for Kimberly Humphries, an alumna of the Mount Vernon College. The Award is specifically designated to provide an outlet for former Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) students as they engage in internship work, attend a Leadership or discipline specific conference, or participate in a WLP study abroad program. It aims to support former WLP students as they pursue professional endeavors.

Eligibility: The Elizabeth J. Somers Research Scholar program is open to students who have completed the Women’s Leadership Program and are in good academic standing. The WLP alumna may be pursuing majors in any school of the university. The student must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, especially in courses most relevant to the project, and have exhibited both interest in and talent for research and scholarship. Previous recipients are eligible to re-apply for the award.

Internship/Leadership: Students and recommending faculty are urged to engage in a dialogue about a suitable internship or leadership conference presentation. The internship should provide the student access to understanding the methodologies of an institution. The leadership conference should offer opportunities for student participation and leadership growth.

Application Materials: The following materials should be submitted to the EJS Women’s Leadership Director, MV campus, 2100 Foxhall Road, NW Academic Building, Washington DC 20007 or by email attachment to [email protected].

Students submit a cover sheet, a short (1 page) statement of reasons for applying that includes a discussion of how the experience will advance their career objectives or field of study and a current resume.  A WLP faculty support letter should be sent directly from the faculty to Professor Buckley at [email protected]

Application Deadlines: December 4  for spring funding, March 20 for summer funding, and August 1 for fall funding.

Awards: The Fellowship Award may include a stipend of up to $1000.  

Evaluation: Each Scholar is expected to present a written description or blog posts, supplemented by photos, and any other materials pertinent to the experience of the internship, leadership conference, or WLP study abroad experience.

Selection Process:  A committee of faculty from diverse fields, chaired by the Director of the EJS Women’s Leadership Program, will evaluate the applications.

Mary Helen Taliaferro Endowed Scholarship Fund

This endowment fund was established in 2002 by Anne Taliaferro in honor of her daughter, Mary Helen Taliaferro.  Income earned by this fund provides undergraduate scholarships to students in the Women's Leadership Programs at the Mount Vernon campus.

Shelby Cullom Scholarship Foundation

The Shelby Cullom Davis Fund is a scholarship fund established in 1999 by the Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation and Abby Spencer Moffat, alumna of Mount Vernon College. The fund supports student scholarships in the Women’s Leadership Program.


GW Awards

The GW Undergraduate Research Award gives promising undergraduates the opportunity to engage in a well-defined research project under the guidance of a faculty member in a chosen field of study. Research experience not only provide challenges and depth to students’ education, but also strengthens their applications for national fellowships and for graduate and professional school.

This annual prize recognizes students who produce a research project in their freshman year that demonstrates significant and meaningful use of library services and collections at the George Washington University.

Research enhancement grants of up to $500 are available to GW undergraduate students to promote and provide support for their research experiences. The GW SURE Awards are available to support the scientific, scholarly and artistic activities of students in all undergraduate programs at GW, including the humanities, the arts, science and engineering, business and public health.

Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowships are part of the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences comprehensive undergraduate initiative to promote discovery and inquiry-based education throughout the undergraduate experience at GW. The Rice Fellowships offer support for student research carried out in collaboration with, and under the guidance of at least one faculty mentor.

Since 1990, the Lewis N. Cotlow Field Research Fund has supported over 200 anthropological research projects by GW students in 52 countries. Any topic relevant to anthropology’s four fields is appropriate. Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students at the George Washington University are eligible to apply. Funds are used for travel, living expenses, research assistance, and other expenses related to field research.

The Clark Engineering Scholarship program was established in January 2011 with an $8 million gift from A. James Clark, chairman of the board and CEO of Clark Enterprises Inc. Scholars are chosen each year from top performing freshman who show outstanding potential to excel as future leaders in the engineering profession. The first class of scholars was selected in May 2011, with subsequent classes selected annually thereafter.

The Dorothy M. and Maurice C. Shapiro Traveling Fellowship enables students to carry out original and substantial intellectual, cultural, artistic, or humanistic projects that will generally (but not exclusively) require travel abroad, and which otherwise might be impossible to undertake. Eligible projects may range from public service to independent or sponsored research and writing to artistic endeavors.

This is a grant to help defray the costs for Elliott School students who are pursuing internships in Asia.

The Manatt-Trachtenberg Prize was established in 2004 by Ambassador Charles Manatt, Emeritus Trustee of the University and Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, President of the George Washington University from 1988 to 2007. It honors the graduating senior who most significantly challenged the social and intellectual conscience of the George Washington University while displaying leadership, competence, integrity, and goodwill in carrying out university responsibilities. 

The J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Public Service Awards have been established at the George Washington University to support and encourage young Americans who undertake voluntary public service. Recognizing that the need to earn income to support their education during the academic year and vacation periods may be an obstacle for some young people in undertaking such service, these awards were developed to remove such barriers.

The objective of the Columbian Women Scholarship is to recognize and assist women pursuing a degree program in any field of study at the George Washington University and demonstrate a high level of achievement in academia and a commitment to their chosen profession.

The George Washington University Presidential Administrative Fellowship, founded in 1989, offers high-achieving seniors the opportunity for professional development and a Master’s degree at the George Washington University. In return, the fellows contribute to the advancement of the GW community by serving as ambassadors through their academic, professional, and personal involvement.

Non-GW Awards

The Luce Scholars Program is a nationally competitive fellowship program to enhance the understanding of Asia among potential leaders in the American society. The program provides stipends, language training, and individualized professional placement in Asia for 15-18 Luce Scholars each year, and welcomes applications from college seniors, graduate students, and young professionals in a variety of fields who have had limited exposure to Asia.

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is the largest U.S. exchange program offering opportunities for students and young professionals to undertake international graduate study, advanced research, university teaching, and primary and secondary school teaching worldwide. The program currently awards approximately 1,900 grants annually in all fields of study and operates in more than 140 countries worldwide.

A program of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program offers intensive summer language institutes in thirteen critical foreign languages.

The National Security Education Program (NSEP) Boren Undergraduate Scholarship was designed to provide U.S. undergraduates with the resources and encouragement they need to acquire skills and experience in countries and areas of the world critical to the future security of our nation. As a student of another culture and language, you will begin to acquire the international competence you need to communicate effectively across borders, understand other perspectives and analyze increasingly fluid economic and political realities.

Princeton in Latin America (PiLA) is a non-profit organization that partners with nonprofits throughout Latin America to match them with young, public sector professionals seeking full-year fellowships in development work.

This scholarship provides awards for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university to participate in study and intern abroad programs worldwide.