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At the Women’s Leadership Program, we have a legacy of supportive alumnae and our repertoire has succeeded in building promising relations with communities, who enjoy giving back to WLP time and time again. 


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Kimberly and J. Robert Humphries Scholarship

This award is named after Kimberly Humphries, an alumna of Mount Vernon College. The award is specifically designated to provide an outlet for former WLP students as they pursue professional endeavors. They may engage in internship work, attend a conference, or participate in other special projects that help them grow their leadership or discipline-specific skills.

The Humphries Scholarship is open to students who have completed the Women’s Leadership Program and are in good academic standing. The WLP alumna may be pursuing majors in any school of the university. The student must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, especially in courses most relevant to the project, and have exhibited both interest in and talent for research and scholarship. Previous recipients are eligible to re-apply for the award.

Please review this document for additional details about the Humphries Scholarship Application


Need-based Awards

Both of these awards are intended to recognize outstanding students of the Women's Leadership Program who have unmet financial need. These awards are given based on faculty nomination and in consultation with the Financial Aid office. Recipients must be current GW students and WLP alumni, and be in good academic standing. 

Shelby Cullom Davis Award 

This award fund was created in 1999 by the Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation in support of Davis’ granddaughter Abby Spencer Moffat, an alumna of the Mount Vernon College. 

Mary Helen Taliaferro Award

This award fund was created in 2002 by the late Mary Helen Taliaferro, a proud alumna of the Mount Vernon College and Seminary.





"On behalf of my family and I, I want to thank you immensely for considering me as one of the recipients of the Shelby Cullom Davis Award. Thank you for your financial support towards furthering my education and thank you to WLP for your continued support during my academic and leadership endeavors."

Melissa Davis-Cole
WLP IAC 2020-2021