The Women's Leadership Program is a special interest program at the George Washington University and has a unique application and housing process. WLP is open to all students, regardless of gender, who share in its mission to support the advancement of women and gender minorities.

Be sure to review our application process and understand the general undergraduate admissions process before you apply. 

Application Process

1. Before You Apply

Before you apply for admission to the Women's Leadership Program, please take time to fully familiarize yourself with all aspects of our program. Please read the descriptions and review the academic curriculum for all four cohorts before choosing the cohort you would like to join. Read about our weekly symposia, one of the hallmarks of our program, and watch videos of past symposia. Finally, learn about the leadership curriculum, an important aspect of the Women's Leadership Program which connects directly to the symposia.

2. Application

Students interested in applying for admission to the Women's Leadership Program must apply for admission to the George Washington University using the Common Application.

On GW's Member Screen, be sure to indicate your interest in the WLP by answering the special programs question. There is a drop down menu from which you will select the cohort for which you would like to be considered.

3. Acceptance

Students will receive notice of their acceptance into the Women’s Leadership Program from the Office of Admissions. This notification will arrive with your acceptance to the George Washington University. Students must be accepted to GW to be eligible to be accepted to WLP.

Students who apply for early decision will not receive any information about WLP until late March or early April with the rest of the regular admission decisions.

4. Welcome Email

Students admitted to WLP in addition to GW will receive an email welcome letter from the head of their WLP cohort after receiving the general admission acceptance notice. Please contact us if you believe you are an admitted student and do not receive an email from your cohort leader.

5. Declaration of Intent

Students must accept their place in the WLP by submitting a Declaration of Intent form. This form is available online or in your acceptance packet. A copy must be returned to admissions either online or in the mail. There are a limited number of spaces available in each cohort. We encourage you to submit your Declaration of Intent form as soon as possible. If you submit a declaration of intent form for the WLP, email us at [email protected] to notify us of this action.


Blue Line with WLP


"I chose to participate in the Women's Leadership Program because I wanted to start my college career with a strong community of women empowering each other. Living with my cohort was an unforgettable experience that allowed me to meet some of my closest friends to this day. I would recommend WLP to anyone looking for a community where they can learn from and be inspired by their peers every day."

Rebecca Bizzarri, WLP 2015-2016
BA, International Relations


Blue Line with WLP


Visiting the WLP

Admitted Student Days

We encourage students admitted to the WLP to join us for Inside GW: Admitted Students Days in April. Colonial Welcome Days will allow you to experience what life is like as a GW Colonial. When you visit,  you can meet with deans, faculty and advisors, take campus tours, talk with GW students and preview the residence halls.

WLP holds a lunchtime information session during Inside GW Days to allow you to speak to students and faculty. This is an excellent opportunity to find out more about WLP. 

Course Registration & Orientation

All enrolling, WLP students will receive a follow up letter from their Cohort Faculty member outlining the courses they will take in the fall and the dates of the WLP Orientation in August. You will be pre-registered for the WLP cohort classes. We are happy to answer student and parent questions, review required courses and registration, discuss symposia, and introduce you to fellow students in the WLP program at any time.

The Women’s Leadership Program hosts its own required Orientation in August, just before the GW general first year orientation.