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Students in the Women's Leadership Program participate in a weekly symposium, a seminar class focused on leadership. The symposia are an opportunity for students to take advantage of the myriad resources and opportunities available in Washington, DC while furthering their understanding of leadership practices.

The symposia are designed to supplement the academic component of the program with a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities, many of which are exclusive to members of the WLP. In addition to cohort-specific symposia, each semester includes several symposia that are shared across program cohorts and include leadership-building workshops, cultural events of cross-disciplinary interest, and guest speakers.

Symposia are designed to introduce students to successful leaders in a variety of fields, introduce community and leadership concepts, provide networking opportunities, and encourage each student to reflect upon their current and future contributions as a leader.



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"Whether it is a journalist who was imprisoned in Iran, a heart surgeon who has saved hundreds of lives, or a speech writer who worked for the president, each leader's story teaches something new and gives insight into the complexities of leadership. The symposia are a great opportunity to learn from the lives of others, and they have shown me that no two paths to success look alike!"

Claire Houchen, Class of 2021,
Double Major in Biology and Biological Anthropology


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