Leadership Projects




Leadership Practicum

To help you practice and reflect on your leadership skills, you will identify a personally meaningful opportunity to engage in throughout the academic year. This experience will help you identify your leadership skills and traits, identify areas for improvement, and give you useful language for talking about your leadership development. In the fall, you will develop your leadership experience plan to describe the group or organization you will engage with (if relevant) and what steps you need to take to prepare. Students choose to engage in a wide variety of activities for the leadership practicum, such as planning a community service project, taking a role in a student organization, or joining a research team on campus


Weekly Reflections

Throughout the course, as you talk with women leaders at symposium and engage in workshops with your WLP peers, you will take time to reflect in writing. This weekly journal is a space for you to document the events of the course and how your own leadership qualities develop.


Leadership Portfolios

Students illustrate their leadership development by creating a leadership portfolio that describes and reflects on your experiences. This work may include highlights from meaningful events throughout the year, thoughts about your growth and goals for the future, and photos of your practicum efforts. Explore the links below for a selection of WLP student leadership portfolios.

Hope Rwaga 

Sophie Eisenberg

Brook Sears



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