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Students during discussion about Meghan Shea's work

Meghan Shea, "How I Live"

November 04, 2021

On September 16th, “former IAC member Meghan Shea and her two colleagues presented their documentary “How I Live” that follows the stories of four children with cancer.

Students seeing Waitress on Broadway

A Warm Welcome Back to Live Performances

November 04, 2021

Theatre’s are opening back up and live performances are coming back!

My summer as a researcher

My Summer as a Researcher

August 20, 2021

Hi! I am Francis Cuadros Bloch, a rising senior double majoring in Economics and International Affairs. I was in the 2018-2019 International Politics cohort of WLP.

Jess Kraus, J.D. ‘21 with the Immigration Clinic’s Immigrant Justice Corps Fellow J. Nicole Alanko, J.D. ‘18

Clinic Wins First Asylum Case

July 23, 2021
WLP is very proud of Nicole Alanko, former IAC student who is working with the William & Mary Law School Immigration Clinic as an Immigrant Justice Corps Fellow. Nicole received outstanding news this week: the Clinic has won its first asylum case. Read about Nicole's work as supervising attorney for W&M law student Jess Kraus.

Reflections on a Brand-New Research Experience: Reading vs Writing History

July 21, 2021

Hello! My name is Megan Ortman (she/her) and I am a junior double majoring in Music and History.


Anna's Journey to Publish her Research

July 15, 2021

Hi! My name is Anna and I am a rising junior and former member of the SHM cohort of WLP. Back in freshman year, I began a lit review writing project as part of the WLP Intro Bio class.

Image from Hayley’s first year Performance Project Portraits

Creativity and Changemaking: Forging a Path in Politics Around the Hillternship

June 08, 2021

The George Washington University may not have been my first choice when I was applying to colleges, but once I committed to pursuing an undergraduate education in the nation’s capital, I was

 Erin Cieraszynski

GEIA Women's Leadership Index

June 03, 2021

Over the past few months, I've had the opportunity to continue my work on the GEIA Women's Leadership Index thanks to the WLP Humphries Fellowship.

WLP Graduates Feature their Thesis Work

Corcoran: NEXT

June 01, 2021
A number of WLP graduates have their work posted on the Corcoran website NEXT. This is their thesis work.
Kelsey Bartlett

Kelsey Bartlett's research experience with the Missouri Botanical Garden

May 13, 2021

In conducting my research project on the plant genus Leavenworthia this semester, I have gained incredibly valuable experience in the reality of botanical research.

RESET: Research for Equality in Sexuality Education and Texts

RESET: Research for Equality in Sexuality Education and Texts

May 12, 2021
Gaia Norman explains her research project, RESET: Research for Equality in Sexuality Education and Texts

Storytelling with Nell Constantinople

May 06, 2021
Nell Constantinople spoke with the IAC class about her work producing documentary films. She shared her interest in storytelling, especially working with directors who use the medium to tell deeply personal, human stories across a range of topics from spirituality, design, technology, and the criminal justice system.
Julia Felton

WLP Reflection | Julia Felton

May 04, 2021

I loved being in the WLP, especially during an academic year as challenging as 2020-2021!

Michele Carlson

Art & Michele Carlson

April 30, 2021
Artist Michele Carlson visited the IAC cohort this semester. The following quote and student responses to her talk offer a good introduction to this inspirational artist, writer, educator, and rabble rouser. “I’m really interested in how art can intervene with our current world and help us imagine a new one.” – Michele Carlson