Congratulations to the WLP students whose research was recognized in GW Research Days 2019!

May 16, 2019

Sarah Schmitt, SHM 2015-16 (not pictured) 1st place, Public Health “Optimizing methodology for characterizing microbiome diversity in breast milk using metagenomic data”

Lindsey Siff, IAC 2016-17 (pictured below) Undergraduate Essay Contest Winner "Coparenting, Parenting Style, and Child Behavior Problems in a Diverse, Low-Income, Community Sample"


Lindsey Siff, IAC 2016-17 (pictured below)

Anna Ren, SHM 2016-17 (pictured below) 1st place, Molecular and Cellular Biology 2nd place, GWNIC Award for Microscopy “Morphological characterization and development of Lepidopteran structural color”

 Anna Ren, SHM 2016-17 (pictured below)

Socio-Cultural Studies: 1st: Charlotte Constantin (ESIA) (pictured below) Perpetration to Reconciliation: On the Experience of Female Genocidaires in Rwandan Conflict and Resolution

1st: Charlotte Constantin (ESIA) (pictured below)

This research was a longitudinal study of female perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide. Prefaced with an analysis of traditional gender roles and the historical and sociological implications of female participation in the Rwandan Genocide, this paper comprises a field study of a small sample of female genocidaires in Kigali Rwanda. Through a series of interviews with these women, the researcher explored the effects of the Rwandan post-conflict justice system on female genocide convicts and their reintegration back into Rwandan society. Results showed that the system successfully socialized them to perceive themselves as positive agents of justice, and equipped them to practice justice and reconciliation values in their daily lives. None of the respondents resented the government for their incarceration nor perceived themselves as criminals. Instead, many referred to their incarceration as "school"