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WLP graduates and their thesis work

WLP Graduates Feature their Thesis Work
WLP Graduates Feature their Thesis Work
June 01, 2021

A number of WLP graduates have their work posted on the Corcoran website NEXT. This is their thesis work. 


Emma Veon: "Artemisia Gentileschi, "Judith beheading Holofernes,"

Emma Veon's work examines the mid-twentieth century works of Austrian artist VALIE EXPORT through a feminist theoretical framework informed by Saussurian semiology.  In her post-war performances, photographs, and films, EXPORT dismantles the oppressive sign systems that situate the female body-as-sign as a second-class citizen who cannot exist autonomously outside of the domestic sphere. Read more about Emma's work in the link provided above. 

Hannah Sturgis:  "Blood, Real Red” 

Blood Real Red is an original one-woman play written and starring Hannah Rose Sturgis and directed by Jasmine Mitchell. This work examines how Black women in the U.S. are mistreated by the medical industry through the eyes and voice of Lady. We follow her on her journey for self-discovery over 12 years. Through her story, we are allowed to step inside an experience that is singular and yet shared among Black women to understand the pain that comes with living inside a body that is not seen as equal. Hannah Sturgis wrote this play after reflecting on her own experiences and those of the women in her life and noticing a common thread— no one was willing to hear them out. Thus, the form of direct address in this play is used and we must confront the pain directly, without interruption. Check out Hannah's work!  

Calista Izzi Ragland: “Non-Binary News Report”

In this sit-down interview with theatre student and non-binary lesbian, Calista Izzi-Ragland, Calista uses camp, queer, and gender theory to explore the multiplicity of identity inherent in their experience of being queer. Calista uses their multiclicity of identity to create their thesis, which can be explored on the website. 

Katie Auerswald : "Me, Myself, and I"

Joy Nikkel: "Raven"  

Raven is an allegorical fairytale representing the turmoil within an emotionally abusive relationship. Though based on a short story, this series of three paintings is like an illustrative EP, alluding to the climactic tension and inner conflict found within the protagonist, Raven. Touching on sensitive topics, such as self-destructive thoughts and fears, the unmasking of the relationship and diagnosing of those thoughts in real life have paralleled the creation of Raven on paper and canvas. Like a confessional, Raven explores the heartache and pent-up emotions experienced, from the victim’s perspective, as well as the hope she finds through the struggle. Check out Joy's work which relays human experiences in a fresh perspective. 

Jana Khalil: "Luna Mediation Hall" 

Jana Khalil is a interior architecture student. Her work, Luna meditation hall, is dedicated to creating an environment where people can come for an energetic reset. Composed of a main meditation hall, private meditation enclaves and classrooms, this space encourages people to turn inwards either alone, in connection with others, or with guidance. Employing phases of the moon as a design concept, this space focuses on layering and the play between light and shadow as a reflection of the journey inwards during meditative moments.