Educate a Girl, Change the World by Corinne Ide

July 15, 2023

Corinne Ide

Our GEB Alum'2022-23, Corinne Ide shares her inspiring journey as an intern with the Central Asia Institue this summer:

"My name is Corinne Ide and I was a part of the Globalization, Economics, and Business cohort of 2022-2023, and am an International Affairs major at the Elliott School at GWU. I am honored to have received a Humphries Award from the Elizabeth J. Somers Women Leadership Program that is supporting my internship this summer with Central Asia Institute (CAI) in my hometown of Bozeman, Montana. Central Asia Institute’s mission is centered around advancing education and livelihood skills, especially for women and girls, in remote and mountainous regions of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. Their mission is increasingly necessary as political developments under Taliban rule in Afghanistan have stripped girls of their right to education past sixth grade. In Pakistan, one-third of children are not in school and lack basic literacy and numeracy skills. In the remote regions in which CAI works, the statistics are even worse.

For this internship, I have been tasked with several research projects to better inform CAI’s allocation of resources. CAI supports communities with programs for early childhood development, training and salaries for teachers, career advancement opportunities for women, and the construction and repair of school facilities. I have seen firsthand how they overcome obstacles that restrict access to education like poverty, distance, and conflict, from a holistic approach.

Bettering women’s rights is at the forefront of my career aspirations. I hope to work in international human rights or global business policy. Being a part of WLP has not only provided me with a multitude of opportunities to advance my education but has also strengthened my appreciation for the opportunities I have. Living and learning alongside dedicated young women, as well as hearing from the incredible female speakers that we hosted was an inspiring experience. It was an inspiration that I was able to take into my work at CAI and contribute to their cause from a passionate and engaged perspective. Following this internship, I hope to continue to use my position whether it be academic or professional, to give back to others."