Kimberly and J Robert Humphries Fund

Humphries Scholars 2015-16:

Julia Barrett, Quinn Gagos, Valerie Jaimes, and Elizabeth Ann McBride traveled with WLP faculty Mary Buckley to Paris for the study abroad course - Paris: Modernism and the Arts, Then and Now

"This course gave me more than I could have possibly imagined! I am so grateful for having taken Paris: Modernism and the Arts, Then and Now. Nothing can compare to summer in the heart of Paris with the most inspiringly intelligent group of students and professors. I will hold the knowledge gained and memories made from this course and this trip very near to my heart for years to come.” —Julia Barrett

“A professor can talk about significance in a classroom and a student can commit it to memory, but that won’t last forever. The emotional reaction that occurs when you are face-to-face with history is something that can’t be forgotten.” –Quinn Gagos


Kimberly and J Robert Humphries Fund

The Kimberly & Rob Humphries Internship/Leadership Award is named for Kimberly Humphries, an alumna of the Mount Vernon College. The Award is specifically designated to provide an outlet for former Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) students as they engage in internship work, attend a Leadership or discipline specific conference, or participate in a WLP study abroad program. It aims to support former WLP students as they pursue professional endeavors.

Eligibility: The Elizabeth J. Somers Research Scholar program is open to students who have completed the Women’s Leadership Program and are in good academic standing. The WLP alumna may be pursuing majors in any school of the university. The student must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, especially in courses most relevant to the project, and have exhibited both interest in and talent for research and scholarship. Previous recipients are eligible to re-apply for the award.

Internship/Leadership: Students and recommending faculty are urged to engage in a dialogue about a suitable internship or leadership conference presentation. The internship should provide the student access to understanding the methodologies of an institution. The leadership conference should offer opportunities for student participation and leadership growth.

Application Materials: The following materials should be submitted to the EJS Women’s Leadership Director, MV campus, 2100 Foxhall Road, NW Academic Building, Washington DC 20007 or by email attachment to [email protected].

Students submit a cover sheet, a short (1 page) statement of reasons for applying that includes a discussion of how the experience will advance their career objectives or field of study and a current resume.  A WLP faculty support letter should be sent directly from the faculty to Professor Buckley at [email protected]

Application Deadlines: March 20, 2017 for summer funding; July 1, 2017 for fall funding; December 4, 2017 for spring funding. Additionally, we will evaluate applications on a case-by-case basis.

Awards: The Fellowship Award may include a stipend of up to $1000.  

Evaluation: Each Scholar is expected to present a written description or blog posts, supplemented by photos, and any other materials pertinent to the experience of the internship, leadership conference, or WLP study abroad experience.

Selection Process:  A committee of faculty from diverse fields, chaired by the Director of the EJS Women’s Leadership Program, will evaluate the applications.

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Julia & Ann in Paris

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Julia, Valerie & Ann, Louis Vuitton Foundation