Lucy Hastings, the World Traveller

Lucy Hastings in her trips with the Global Scholar's Program
November 16, 2021

Former WLP and IAC student Lucy Hastings is currently studying abroad in Paris, France with the Global Bachelor's Program. Lucy joined the program because she knew it would provide her with the opportunity to see the world from different perspectives. The Global Bachelor's Program is designed to make studying abroad the central part of the undergraduate experience. As a sociology major, she knew GBP would benefit her studies and future career goals. 


Lucy grew up hearing stories from her family about their experiences studying abroad and decided she wanted to experience that for herself. “My grandfather was a professor, who directed his university's study abroad program in London. My mom spent a few semesters living in London throughout elementary, middle, and high school. So I grew up with stories of life abroad.” Through the opportunities GBP has provided, Lucy has been able to fulfill one of her lifelong goals. 


Before COVID hit, Lucy planned to spend her Junior year studying in Thailand and France. Due to the obvious difficulties of the pandemic, Lucy’s plans had to be put on hold and were forced to change. She is now in GBP’s Paris program where she lives with a host family. “My family has three little kids, who mumble through their French and speak very quickly so every day I've been challenged with my French. I've also been able to see small cultural differences that I might not have if I'd lived in the dorms. For example, I noticed that the French really do eat fresh baguettes every day for breakfast!” Lucy’s immersive experience into French culture has allowed her to adapt quickly and learn what daily life in Paris is all about.