Meet Francis Cuadros Bloch!

Francis Cuadros Bloch
Francis Cuadros Bloch
April 23, 2021

My name is Francis Cuadros Bloch, I am an international student from Cochabamba, Bolivia. I have dreamt of working in the international political and economic arena since I was very young. Now, I am a second-semester junior majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Economics with a concentration in International Development. I was part of the 2018-2019 International Politics Cohort of the Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) my Freshman year. Being in the WLP has indeed led me to develop well-grounded research, adaptability skills, networking capabilities, and has enlarged my passion for politics and economics even more. Throughout my time at the WLP, I have demonstrated my devotion for research and writing by producing an exemplary range of academic work. Prof. Julie Donovan and Prof. Michelle Allendoerfer have prepared me, year-round, to be able to become an exemplary writer and researcher. I am extremely grateful to have had the chance to be their student and learn so much from such intelligent, empowered, and kind women. From research papers and policy briefs, to political and economic blogs, my freshman year at WLP has broadened my knowledge and capabilities exponentially. For Prof. Allendoerfer’s Comparative Politics class, I wrote a 20-page research paper titled: “Bolivia and Peru: The Democratic Spectrum,” highlighting Bolivia’s lower democratic ranking resulting from Peru’s higher education levels. As a Bolivian, this research, by far, one of my favorite ones. Moreover, my research paper for the University Writing class we Prof. Donovan, titled 'Eva Peron and Michelle Obama- Strategically Challenging the Establishment" was nominated amongst the best papers of the entire program out of 70 candidates. I was able to present it at the research symposium; without a doubt a great achievement for me. 

Pursuing my degree abroad led me to forge impeccable adaptability skills. Eager to immerse myself in different cultures, I applied to The GW Global Bachelors Program during my time at WLP, and got in the program, thus accomplishing my dream to become a Global Bachelor Scholar and study abroad in three continents and become trilingual, with Spanish and English being my native languages and having 3rd-year proficiency in French. While studying abroad in Belfast, I performed extensive research on EU policies focusing on “Promoting International Democratic Governance: Through EC-UNDP Electoral Support Programs in Latin America.” The courses that I have at the WLP have prepared and led me to have a passion for applying theories into practice, compiling evidence, and putting my knowledge into words. 

This upcoming summer I will work at the Institute for International Economic Policy (IIEP) at the Elliott School of International Affairs by performing research on the principles of economics as the base pillar for successful careers in economics with Prof. Irene Foster. I believe that being a research assistant at such a brilliant institute would have never crossed my mind. As I said before, I owe my research skills to the amazing professors that I have had my freshman year, which have amazingly prepared me to stand out all throughout my college career. Moreover, I will also work as Prof. Irene's learning assistant next semester in the Principles of Economics course that she will teach. In the future, I hope to continue studying and immersing myself in the field of economic development and global governance. WLP has opened up so many doors for me, not only at GWU but in many parts of the world. I seek to continue being a global citizen and continue growing. 

I personally believe that life is not only about seeing the world as it is but also as how we want it to be. As a Latin American, I want to contribute to the development of the region socially, democratically and economically, to provide a better future to its people. I offer a unique background, education, and experience, hoping to broaden and diversify the intellect and perspectives of those around me as well as myself. Being a part of WLP has enhanced my passion to work and strive for what I believe in. I have been empowered by amazing women and their stories. I have set goals and objectives, and I believe that being a part of WLP has contributed to my character and eagerness to show what I am worth, to fight for what I want, and connect with others whose ideas align with mine.