Nicole Turtle: Interning at American Enterprise Institute

Humphries Awardee Blog

May 19, 2022

Nicole Turtle

Working as an intern at the American Enterprise Institute was a wonderful experience — one that was made possible by the Humphries Scholarship Award. The internship allowed me to develop my professional skills in an office and team environment, while also evolving my theoretical knowledge of the domestic economy learned in classes to practical applications applied to presentations, public articles, conferences, and networking events. While working within the Job, Work, and Career team, I researched and wrote blogs, op-eds and research proposals, as well as proof-read and edited speeches and book summaries. I participated in two virtual conferences hosted by my supervisors and sat-in on our first in-person author discussion. By the time the internship concluded, I knew research was the field I wanted to continue in past graduation. It was a truly rewarding experience.

Essential to the success I was able to enjoy during my time at AEI was the Humphries Scholarship Award. In taking part in the internship, there were several outstanding expenses that were not included within the internship such as transportation, food, and other essentials. The award helped me cover the expenses necessary for my internship and allowed me to take full advantage of my time without any additional strains or obstacles.