Scholarships & Awards

Women’s Leadership Program students are eligible to apply for many scholarships and prizes, both from within the George Washington University and from outside sources. We do not provide a comprehensive list, but do show the variety of scholarships, funds, and prizes that have been awarded to WLP alumnae in the past.

Also, the Elizabeth J Somers Women’s Leadership Program receives support from a number of Mount Vernon alumnae donors and GW graduates. We are grateful for this support as it recognizes student achievement, community accomplishments, and leadership practices. Students are recommended for these funds, based on their work in the program and in the community.

Nedenia Dye Scholarship Fund

This is an annual scholarship that was established in 2014 by the Merriwether Post Foundation scholarship. It is awarded to a deserving student enrolled in the Elizabeth J. Somers Women’s Leadership Program.

The Kerry Ross Garber & William Edward Garber, Jr. Fund

This is an annual scholarship that was established by Kerry Ross Garber in 2014. It is awarded at the discretion of the Director of the Women's Leadership Program for emergent, unforeseen funding needs, specifically relating to food, shelter, and academic expenses of current Women's Leadership Program students.

Kimberly and J. Robert Humphries Fund

The Kimberly & J. Robert Humphries Internship/Leadership Award is named for Kimberly Humphries, an alumna of the Mount Vernon College. The Award provides support for former Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) students to engage in internship work, attend a conference, or participate in a WLP study abroad program. It aims to support former WLP students as they pursue professional endeavors.

Mary Helen Taliaferro Endowed Scholarship Fund

This endowment fund was established in 2002 by Anne Taliaferro in honor of her daughter, Mary Helen Taliaferro.  Income earned by this fund provides undergraduate scholarships to students in the Women's Leadership Programs at the Mount Vernon campus.

Shelby Cullom Scholarship Foundation

The Shelby Cullom Davis Fund is a scholarship fund established in 1999 by the Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation and Abby Spencer Moffat, alumna of Mount Vernon College. The fund supports student scholarships in the Women’s Leadership Program.