WLP Launches New Near-Peer Mentorship

July 27, 2022

WLP Launches New Near-Peer Mentorship

This summer, several WLP alumni have worked on collaborative and individual projects as part of the Juliet Moser Internship program. From communications and outreach, to archival work, to developing a National Women’s Hall of Fame proposal, the students gained the opportunity to develop key internship skills while contributing to WLP itself. Students Megan Shen and Chloe Alce collaborated to create an entirely new WLP program, the Near Peer Mentorship.

“It’s an amazing opportunity for first-years to have a smooth, guided transition into their college experience with the help of WLP undergraduate alumni,” said Shen, who enters her junior year at GW this fall. The program, which officially launched July 18, seeks to offer incoming WLPers the opportunity to engage with a dynamic group of experienced WLP alumni still attending GW and to build community within the program. By connecting two to three incoming WLP first-years with an undergraduate mentor, the Near Peer program will provide an avenue for students to gain support in the less-formal areas of the college transition process.

“One of my favorite events that I have in mind for the program is a picnic funded by WLP,” Shen said. The Near-Peer groups will have the chance to choose their picnic location and what food they would like. “I’m a strong believer that food is a great way to both hang out…and get to know other people.” Shen shared that developing the Near-Peer program as part of the Juliet Moser Internship allowed her to improve essential professional and interpersonal skills. Although challenging at first to set her own goals and deadlines, working with Alce provided the chance to hone in on that ability.

“Improving my communication with a co-worker has been…fundamental,” said Shen. “I’ve especially enjoyed working with Chloe Alce as her co-intern…Her recent experience within WLP as a rising sophomore has truly helped shape the program into something incredible and I am lucky to have her input.”

WLP alumni who are current undergrads can sign-up as mentors until Saturday, July 30th via a Google form emailed on July 18 and 25. A mandatory Zoom meeting will be held on Sunday, August 14 at four o’clock eastern time for mentors and mentees.

“I'm excited to see how the Near Peer Mentorship program fills in the gaps and answers the questions to things that Chloe and I didn't quite know or understand during our own freshmen years,” Shen said.